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In addition to some activity in national units, Nan Belegorn is also host to numerous local units.

Blade of the Spring Dawning
Members: 8+
Contact: GlinGil
Description: The name "Blade of the Spring Dawning" comes from the Dragonlance Chronicles. In Nan Belegorn BSD manifests itself as a Solomnic mercenary unit devoted to good, neutrality, and training young fighters in the realm.

The Shadow Clan
Members: 2
Contact: Morpheus
Description: The Shadow Clan is a unit dedicated to honor and excellence. They are based in The Wolfpack of the High Plains and have members in Nan Belegorn.

House Hellhammer
Members: 1
Contact: Ertyk
Description: Hellhammer is a unit comprised of three primary fighting groups: Core unit, Shield & Hammer, and Hellhammer Horde. The core unit is the main fighting line. Shield & Hammer contains the biggest hardest hitting members of the unit and steps in when there is a need for a quick, hard, powerful wall to stomp over a section of enemies. Hellhammer Horde is comprised of monsterous personas within Hellhammer, of which there are many including goblins, ogres, and more. Horde often contains quick flankers who can either harass and distract or be an extremely fast backstabbing force.

House Scourge
Members: 1?
Contact: Jesus
Description: House Scourge is a unit dedicated to cohesive teamwork. They wear large amounts of armour, use large shields and heavy weapons, and shun flails.

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